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Pacifica and Coastside Trails 

      Come Sample what Pacifica/Coastside has to offer


  This beautiful stretch of mountainous coastline from Pacifica to Santa Cruz is rich with views of the Bay Area not seen by most. With the ocean on one side and the bay on the other it is quite remarkable how isolated and quiet it can get just south of a major city. With its wide variation of terrain ranging from rocky coastal chaparral to smooth redwood single track this is a great place to explore on a bike. There are many multi use trails in this area, they all have their own distinct personality, climates ranging from foggy soup to sunburn city, be prepared for changes in weather.


  - Montara Mountain/Pacifica Trails offers mellow fire road climbs and challenging rocky descents.


  - Sweeny Ridge is a great ride to take friends from out of town, lots of historical sites and stunning views of the bay and ocean.


  - Purisima is well maintained with double and single track trails that wind under a lush canopy of redwoods, keep an eye out for other trail users lots of hikers in this area.


  -Skeggs is Mountain Bike heaven (except for the climb out!) A series of single track trails that traverse and descend through a bowled valley down to Corte de Madera Creek. Lots of history surrounds this area, great place to spend a few hours exploring.


Pacifica Trails

Montara Mountain

There are two main access points to Montara Mountain.  On the Pacifica side the trail is accessed by Higgins Road at Adobe (Note - 2 Hour Parking limit on Higgins).  From there, Old San Pedro Mountain Road will take you to the saddle which is a roughly paved road with a mellow grade, great for a quick spin, or you can take it to the next level with an epic 2,000 foot summit elevation with stunning views of the Ocean, Bay Area and surrounding Watershed.  From this main road you can access trails like "Crack" "Mile" and "Boy scout" the basic lay out is the higher up you pedal, the rougher and more technical the adjacent trails become to descend. Please use discretion on these trails, ride within your limits and be courteous of other trail users. 


On the Montara side the trail can be accessed at Grey Whale Cove where you traverse a short single track trail that winds above Highway 1 and provides incredible views of the cliffs and waves, and when the season is right there can be whale watching opportunities, This trail connects to the fire road that leads back up to the top of Montara Mountain/Pacifica.

Gearhead Dirt Jumps and Pumptrack

Pacifica Trails Pump Track
Pacifica Trails Dirt Jumps

Located next to the shop is a small dirt park with a couple advanced dirt jumps, a medium set of jumps and a pump track for all ages, Ride at your own risk, please wear a helmet, and ride within your own limits.

Rancho Corral de Tierra

Located on the south side of Montara Mountain, Rancho Corral de Tierra is the newest addition to GGNRA/National Park Service land.  We are very excited about this opportunity, working with other volunteers to create fun single track loops for all user groups.  Because this is newly appropriated land, trails are primitive and not fully connected. If you are interested in volunteering in this this area click on link below for more information.

Purisima Open Space Preserve

Located just south of Half Moon Bay, Purisima Redwoods has a series of multi use trails that are great for beginners and experts alike.  Under a thick canopy of redwoods and coastal trees you can get a great workout here. Purisima is very accommodating, with a variety of wide double track trails and some challenging single track trails, this place has something for everybody.  Maps are provided at the trailheads by the Mid peninsula Regional Open Space. Click on the link below for more information about this area.

El Corte de Madera Creek/Skeggs Point

Famously known as Skeggs Point, El Corte de Madera Creek has a unique history of logging mills, and old growth redwoods, it even has a plane crash site!  All these sites give name to some of the trails within this preserve, like Gordon Mill Trail, Timber view Trail and Resolution Trail.  Hands down, the best single track in the area, with winding, technical traverses and descents it also has it's fair share of brutal climbs, it is a good place to be out on the trails for a few hours pedaling and exploring.  Bring lots of water and energy for longer rides, you won't regret it.   Parking area on Skyline Blvd.  Maps are provided at the trailheads by the Mid peninsula Regional Open Space. Click on the link below for more information about this area.

Sweeney Ridge Discovery Site

Sweeney ridge is a great local ride with historical locations.  After a short climb up the ridge, there are placards that mark the discovery of the Bay Area by the Portola Expedition in the 1800's.  With just a little more exploration you will find old Nike Sites abandoned long ago by the military.  Great views of Mt. Tam and Montara as they seem to rise up from the sea, on a clear day you can see Mt. Diablo, Farallones Islands and Point Reyes. 


If you want more info on local rides stop by the shop, we can help point you in the right direction.  Be sure to check trail conditions and closures during times of heavy rain runoff.  Always give right of way to other trail users, slow down, smile, and communicate. Keep the rubber side down, and have fun!

Pacifica Trails Sign Post

Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica TrailsPacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails Pacifica Trails 

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