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Gearhead Bicycles opened its doors for business on April 25th 2003 in the Pacifica Pedro Point shopping center.  From there the little bike shop grew, from a small shop with used bikes and not much inventory, into a full service bike shop with a wide selection of new bikes, parts and accessories, serving the town of Pacifica and all surrounding areas of San Mateo, San Francisco and the Coast Side.  

In October of 2006 we changed our location to the Park Mall in the back of Linda Mar Valley, where we have continued to grow our business.  From our humble beginnings at Pedro Point to our newest location (1039 Terra Nova) we really have our customers to thank for their continuing support of our shop.  We will continue to work hard and hope to serve the good people of Pacifica for years to come.









Gearhead Bicycles' goal is to get people on bikes, whether you are an avid cyclist or a kid getting their first bike.

We are dedicated to providing top notch products and customer service. Our combined decades of riding and wrenching experience are reflected in the products we carry! 

We try to support rider owned/operated companies whenever possible because the quality and design are incomparable to any "big box store" bike you can buy.  


We are always happy to give detailed directions to Pacifica Trails. We believe bikes should be fun, not heavy, uncomfortable, bicycle shaped objects!

Stop by the shop to talk to our knowledgeable staff about the best bike and products for you and your style of riding.  




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